The Reals True cheaters


Dad was a true cheater

One day when i was a child, I was hide under my parents bed, and I heard my father with a woman, not my mother. She was one of my father’s lovers. He was always a true cheater. My mother knew it, but she loved him too much to leave him. He treated my mom as a shit, always complaining about the food, the house cleaning, etc. One day my mom decided to stop cooking for him, or washing his clothes, and moved to another bedroom. He complained about it too. If you heard him, you would think he hated my mom. She started a new life, and stop listening to him. Both lived separately in the same house until the day I left home for the University. She moved with me. That day something strange happened, I saw my father crying in silence. Some months after we noticed he loose a lot of weight. And a year after, he died. It was like he missed my mom, like he loved her in a strange and bizarre way. And maybe he was not a good man, but he teach me a lot of things. And I miss him. Good bye dad.
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The Real True Cheaters

There are many ways of cheating, men tend to cheat for sex and women tend to cheat for romance, but┬áthere is no rules about it. Everyone have their own way of doing it. Having sex with your wife┬áthinking in the girl next door to get excited is another way of cheating too I guess. Thing is almost everybody cheats, not because they are evil, just because is in our instincts. People who don’t cheat are rare, and the difference is they have a way to control their instincts. Of course they feel attraction for hot people too, but they choose not to be affected by that. People not too hot may found this easy because their sexual offer is limited, but hot people have a lot of sexual offers all day, and they can not stay all day refusing, almost not to other hot people. This is the natural way of improving our race, or “Natural Selection” or “Survival of the Fittest” as Darwinist may say. So instead of thinking in “not cheaters” as natural, and a small group “who cheats”, is the opposite. Humans are Real True Cheaters.
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